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These 10 questions have been developed to help individuals determine whether they have a gambling problem.

  1. Have you been preoccupied with thoughts of gambling while doing other things that require your attention?
  2. Have you been restless or irritable when unable to gamble?
  3. Have you hidden your gambling from family members?
  4. Has gambling created conflict and unhappiness in your life?
  5. Have you tried to stop gambling but have not been able to?
  6. Have you gambled to obtain money to pay debts or solve other financial problems?
  7. Have you needed someone else to bail you out of a gambling debt?
  8. Have you ever borrowed money and not paid it back as a result of your gambling?
  9. Have you been unable to pay bills due to gambling losses?
  10. Have you ever thought you might have a gambling problem?

If you are concerned about your own gambling or the gambling of someone you care about, we encourage you to contact the New Hampshire Council on Problem Gambling at (603)-724-1605.

The New Hampshire Council on Problem Gambling is a private nonprofit agency created to address the social, financial and emotional costs of problem gambling. The Council provides information, education, advocacy and prevention services as well as referrals to treatment for problem gambling to those affected, their loved ones and the community